[Mono-devel-list] Commit incorrect

Peter Williams peter at newton.cx
Mon Jul 14 19:24:46 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 09:55, Jerome Laban wrote:
> I'll open it. I do build with the latest cvs which has the new build
> system.
> Your patch is quite recent and there may be no one else that has built
> mcs with the NET_1_1 nor NET_1_0 defines set. Besides I'm not the only
> one having this problem, Barce which also tests the IPv6 patch is having
> this problem too.
> Jerome.

I ran into exactly this problem when working on the new makefiles; the
linux builds define neither NET_1_0 nor NET_1_1 so the multiple Designer
problem wasn't showing up. I tried adding a /d:NET_1_1 flag and got the
mcs compile error.

It seems to me like an mcs bug, since AllowMultiple=true is specifed in

(I commented out the /d:NET_1_1 in the new make profiles, but we should
try and iron out the bugs that make the build break when it's defined.
The other problem I ran into was that a new System.Array test relies on
a function that isn't implemented yet.)


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