[Mono-devel-list] how to help with mod_mono

Daniel Lopez daniel at rawbyte.com
Mon Jul 14 09:30:32 EDT 2003

> I'd like to help out with mod_mono (mny other hobby being apache hacking),
> I'm getting apache2 setup, and would definitely like to help to fix the
> problems that are keeping it from being used more practically.

Great! :)

The main problems right now are due to the prefork MPM. in process based
Apache, each process has a copy of the Mono runtime and this affects:
- Session support: Session data needs to be shared among them. There are
several ways this could be done (shared memory, dbm, external databases) and
we can probably reuse code from SSL session support in mod_ssl for this
- Page compilation: each child has to compile a page, should detect if
another process already compiled that page

Other things that need to be done:
- Windows port
- Port to threaded MPM (it segfaults right away)
- Detect when a file has been changed and recompile it. I dont know what the
status of this is, this needeed to be done at ASP.NET level, not mod_mono
but I dont know if it is already fixed.



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