[Mono-devel-list] using xsp as webserver

Jerome Laban jlaban at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 7 18:05:22 EDT 2003

Here is a little time saver :) The HttpContext class is accessing many
times the ConfigurationSettings class, which is *really* slow.

On my honorable Pentium 233MMX (yep, mmx :) ), I got static pages
processing falling down from ~250ms to ~25ms. This is still slow, but
for that kind of CPU, that's ok.

Hope this will help.

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> I found xsp is very slow while transfering data to clients. Images
> loading on static webpages are very slow even when running browser on 
> machine where xsp runs itself.
> Is xsp io layer so slow by itself, or can I tune something to increase
> perfomance?

We are aware that doing bulk data transfers is slow with Mono, and this
seems to be an issue of the stream implementations.  Someone mentioned
that a possible optimization was to avoid copies in our IO stack if the
size to be transfered was aligned and was a full page (a nice constant

It is worth tuning this, because it impacts the overall performance.

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