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Jeremiah McElroy jeremiah at facility9.com
Fri Jul 4 21:25:49 EDT 2003

That makes sense.  I had an idea earlier this evening of possibly specifying
a flag in the constructor which allows the XhtmlTextWriter to produce 'pure'
or 'dirty' XHTML.  By pure I of course mean the XHTML which you described
and is described in the link you pointed us to - text/xml.  And dirty XHTML
would be the XHTML described in the XHTML Recommendation - Appendix C.

Does this seem feasible, or are you of the same opinion as the author that
HTML 4.01 should not be utilized until fully conformant XHTML user agents
are available.


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:: Hello,
::     Here is a better rationale that explains the problems, 
:: and why Mono will not use an Xhtml text writer to generate 
:: HTML web pages.  
::     Notice that generating Xhtml for Xhtml consumers (embed 
:: HTML into XML, for example RSS) is perfectly fine, and its 
:: great that we have the code now.

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