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Jerome Laban jlaban at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 1 17:28:31 EDT 2003

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Hi everyone,

This is the latest version of the IPv6 patch. With the help of barce, this patch has been reviewed and updated once but has still not been reviewed by any of the core team members.

This version now uses machine.config file to control IPv6 availability. IPv6 is for now disabled by default. It also contains an updated version of the ServicePoint class that can now handle literal IPv6 addresses from the Uri class and IPv6 connectivity.

I invite any CVS user that has some IPv4 networking code to patch its version to test the new code in its IPv4 stripped down mode (with <ipv6 enabled="false"/> in machine.config) and to report any anomaly.

The changelog will explain updates made by this patch.

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