[Mono-devel-list] Next of kin

JUDE ORJI judeorji1 at mail.com
Mon Feb 17 22:50:28 EST 2003

Jude Orji 
House address 
45 Ikeja road lagos 
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judeorji at all-mychildren.com 

I am Jude Orji a Nigerian, 29years in possession of my dad’s properties.I lost
him in a ghastly plane crash.He was the Minister for youth and sport
here in Nigeria before he died .Since then I have been in charge of
his business and I have got no problem with that since I have been
doing that before his death. I received a letter from his bank
notifying me of his account in one of the banks in Nigeria that worth
47.5 Million dollars which he got from a computer deal he did with
the Federal Government of Nigeria. As a result of this notification I
 have wrote a letter through my Lawyer to the bank to transfer the
Money to a Security Company in holland, in which I have successfully
carried out in the last two month. Since I am his next of kin ,it was
so easier for me in doing this without the knowledge of my family .I
want to try as much as possible to transfer this money out of this
Security Company in holland before my family got know about this . I
know that this issue is a very sens!
itive one and it should not be discuss on the net. .Why don’t you
send me your phone # and your Fax # ? so that, I  will be to get in
touch with you .This deal is a risk free one and your gain shall be
40% of this money provided you co-operate with me .upon receipt of your reply 
through the above Email{ judeorji at all-mychildren.com }Remember not to
tell anybody about this deal because my daddy happens to be very
popular even after his death. Take care of yourself.
Thanks & God bless 

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