[Mono-devel-list] Hi All!! XSD + XML Doubt

Atsushi Eno ginga at kit.hi-ho.ne.jp
Tue Dec 30 11:52:48 EST 2003


 > My question is:
 > with mono.net, i can validate fragments of XML using xsd schemas or i
 > must ensure validation to a hole xml file?

It is sure that MS.NET passes the instance with the schema. I can modify 
System.XML/Mono.Xml.Schema/XsdParticleValidationState.cs line 34 to 
XmlSchemaContentProcessing.Lax to pass your instance.

However, doing it makes wrong results e.g. shown in 
XsdParticleValidationTests.cs line 46 ValidateRootElementOnlyInvalid().
Similarly, MS.NET rejects test case wildG030 in this test collection:

It is misterious to me why MS.NET allows your instance while raising an 
error with those testcases. I think the related spec section is 3.3.4 
Schema Validity Assessment, but have no more idea on it.

Anyways, it would be nice if you file this problem to bugzilla. It 
should be fixed, as long as it is not MS bug that allows your xml.

Atsushi Eno

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