[Mono-devel-list] NAnt revisited

Jaroslaw Kowalski jaak at zd.com.pl
Mon Dec 29 12:42:14 EST 2003

Some pointers:

1. There's no <mcs> task anymore. <csc> is used for both csc.exe and

2. NAnt supports the concept of "frameworks" which allow you to specify the
CLI which should be used for build. In theory the same build script can be
used for mono, .NET, sscli, portable .net or any other CLI. In practice
there are some small bugs that make this quirky, but things are getting
better all the time. This feature works great on Windows where it can be
used to select among .NET 1.0, .NET 1.1, .NET 1.2 and SSCLI.

3. I use NAnt (from CVS) on Linux (Fedora Core 1) with Mono(CVS) and have no
problems. I am successfully able to build my projects so that they work on
Linux and Windows. <nunit2> support is there and is usable, but there are
still some minor issues.

4. In general: don't use NAnt from "mcs" - it's rather old. Use nant from

5. After you download nant form CVS you have to rebuild it for mono using
standard "make". After you have the NAnt bootstrapped (binaries go to
"build/..." directory, you can rebuid itself on Linux using exactly the same
script as on Windows.

Should hou have any problems, join nant-users at lists.sourceforge.net and ask
your questions there.


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> Hiya all.
> Try as I might, I can't seem to get NAnt and Mono 0.28 to work together.
> Does anyone have any pointers for me?  It would be really useful if some
> kind soul could get NAnt working again complete with the MCS and NUnit2
> tasks.
> Have a good new year.
> Jase
> Regards,
> Jason King
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