[Mono-devel-list] NUnit & Mono

Nick Drochak ndrochak at gol.com
Tue Dec 23 07:42:04 EST 2003

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| Hello
| Can anyone give me a walk through of how to get NUnit to work with Mono
| please?  I know how to use NUnit, just not how to get it to run with Mono
| Linux.  I currently have Mono 0.28 installed.

Well, if you have sources, then you can just to a 'make run-test' in the mcs

If you are talking about using NUnit to test your own assemblies, then you
just need to put NUnit.Framework.dll in the same directory as the DLL
holding your tests.  Then run nunit-console.exe as normal. I think that's
about it.

If you are interested in a GUI version of the test runner, then check out
Gonzalo's cool gnunit.  It's in it's own CVS module.  I'm not sure if it's
in a release package.

Nick D.

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