[Mono-devel-list] Choice of filename in GDI+

Duncan Mak duncan at ximian.com
Tue Dec 23 02:18:11 EST 2003


Even though I was the one who merged the previous header files into a
single header file, gdip.h, it has quickly grown to an unwieldy size and
I'm starting to dread it. 

I just finished implementing most of the functions for GraphicsPath.
This time, I started a new header file and included it in the master
header file instead of just sticking everything inside gdip.h. This
seems to be the most manageable solution and I plan on splitting our
current gdip.h into smaller files.

>From the GDI+ documentation on MSDN, we can see the names of the header
files in the MS implementation. They have gdiplus.h where we have
gdip.h, and my new graphics-path.h is named gdippath.h instead.

As I start to split the current header file , should I the new filenames
be consistent with the MS implementation? In order for libgdiplus to be
reusable by other projects, isn't it a requirement that the names of the
header files be identical? I'm assuming the gdippath.h and others are
public as well as gdiplus.h.

Of course, the immediate question for me is this: Should I rename my
graphics-path.h to gdippath.h before I commit my GraphicsPath changes?

Thanks and happy holidays!


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