[Mono-devel-list] No defined byte order for C#?

Michi Henning michi at zeroc.com
Thu Dec 18 15:28:40 EST 2003

> >From the ECMA-335 (ECMA CLI) standard, Partition I:
> 12.6.3 Byte Ordering
> For datatypes larger than 1 byte, the byte ordering is dependent
> on the target CPU.  Code that depends on byte ordering may not 
> run on all platforms.  The PE file format (See Section12.2) 
> allows the file to be marked to indicate that it depends on a 
> particular type ordering.
> Note that this is from the 2nd edition (December 2002) version of the
> standard.  The original version did not contain this clause.

Ah, thanks muchly for that! At least that's a definitive statement. (I only
looked in the language spec that's available for download on MSDN.
Do you have a link to the more up-to-date version?)



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