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Nick Drochak ndrochak at gol.com
Tue Dec 16 01:16:07 EST 2003

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|  Hi,
|  I attach a code to run under MS.NET, please can anybody do it and tell
|  me what happends?
|  In MONO it throws an exception looking for an assembly (the Client.exe)
|  because I send a MarshalByRefObject to the Remoting Class. I think if I
|  copy Client.exe in the Server directory, the process may work, but I
|  think it should work without that copy.

Actually the exe's are looking for the dll's (Info and IInfo), .  I think
you'll need to put the dll's in the same directory with each exe, or in the
GAC, or in a subdirectory under the exe's then use a exe.config file to
specify the location.

Nick D.

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