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Pedro Santos pre at oninetspeed.pt
Sat Dec 6 06:47:36 EST 2003

Hey, I get erros compiling System.Web dll (shiped in 0.29). I also get
errors compiling several other modules, so, do I need any other libs
installed? In the release you say that there are new dependencies, and
we should install from red-carpet. And to compile?

The reason I want to compile is that I would like to make a ver simple
implementation for TraceContext. This way I could have win/mono
compatibilty and have a simple Trace system available.



MONO_PATH="../../class/lib:$MONO_PATH" mono 
-d:NET_1_1 -g /noconfig /nowarn:649 /r:mscorlib.dll /r:/usr/lib        
/System.dll /r:/usr/lib/System.Drawing.dll /r:/usr/lib/System.Data.dll
/r:/usr/lib/System.Xml.dll /target:library
/out:../../class/lib/System.Web.dll @System.Web.dll.sources
In type: System.Web.MonoTODOAttribute

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: A null value was
found where an object instance was required
in (unmanaged) /usr/lib/libmono.so.0 [0x40080c61]
in (unmanaged) /usr/lib/libmono.so.0 [0x4008b2bc]
in (unmanaged) /usr/lib/libmono.so.0 [0x4008b330]
in (unmanaged) /usr/lib/libmono.so.0 [0x4008c120]
in (unmanaged)
in <0x003de> System.Reflection.Emit.TypeBuilder:CreateType ()
in <0x00092> Mono.CSharp.TypeContainer:CloseType ()
in <0x000df> Mono.CSharp.TypeContainer:CloseType ()
in <0x00255> Mono.CSharp.RootContext:CloseTypes ()
in <0x0086c> Mono.CSharp.Driver:MainDriver (string[])
in <0x0001b> Mono.CSharp.Driver:Main (string[])

make: *** [../../class/lib/System.Web.dll] Error 1

Pedro Santos <www.psantos.net>
"Si minor plus est ergo nihil sunt omnia..."
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