[Mono-devel-list] Postgresql access

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan at verizon.net
Tue Dec 2 20:45:34 EST 2003

Some changes were made to DataTable, DataRow, etc...  So, this may
inadvertently caused Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient to not work correctly.

The BuildSchemaTable() method in PgSqlConnection.cs needs to be fixed.
I would suggest removing the AcceptChanges() call on the data row.

By the way, Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient is deprecated.  As far as I know, no
one has been maintaining it.

A much better provider for PostgreSQL is Npgsql.

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I am trying out the test set of aspx pages, I set up postgresql as per
instructed in dbpage1.aspx, and it appears to make the database connection,
but it fails to retrieve a reader when selecting the table.
Is this dbpage1.aspx supposed to be working ?

The exception below appears to happen when it first hits
	while (reader.Read ())

System.Data.RowNotInTableException: Cannot perform this operation on a row
in the table.
in <0x000b1> System.Data.DataRow:AcceptChanges ()
in <0x009f2> Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.PgSqlResult:BuildTableSchema
in <0x000c9> Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.PgSqlCommand:ExecuteQuery
in <0x00168> Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.PgSqlCommand:NextResult ()
in <0x0006d> Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.PgSqlDataReader:NextResult ()
in <0x0005d> (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)
Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.PgSqlDataReader:NextResult ()
in <0x000fd> Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.PgSqlCommand:ExecuteReader
in <0x00016> Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient.PgSqlCommand:ExecuteReader ()
in <0x00011>
in <0x0015f> ASP.dbpage1_aspx:UpdateTable (string,string)

Les Ferguson

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