[Mono-devel-list] Re: Fw: [Bug 51277][Min] Changed - Many threads and HttpWebRequestproblem

Tiago Lima tiago.lima at vianw.pt
Tue Dec 2 07:07:00 EST 2003


Yes, I've tried with more recent versions and the bug is still there... (at least the one related to xsp...) When do you expect to have it solved?
It looks as if somewhere in the xsp or mono code, something closes the connection before sending all the content... perhaps a Flush and a Close (?)... I could help if I knew where to look...

I've also tried apache with mod_mono (from the mono download page) but I couldnt make it work, the browser just waits for a response, and waits, waits... :) Does anyone have the same problem? or am I forgetting something? How do you "configure" apache to work with mod_mono?

Thanks in advance,
    Tiago Lima

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  El vie, 28-11-2003 a las 20:30, Tiago Lima escribió:
  > Hi,
  > I've posted an additional comment to that bug (Bug 51277):
  >     "Using a single IE against xsp server, or the MainClass in
  >     windows .NET against xsp server I get the same error. [...]"
  > Meaning that perhaps something is wrong with xsp (?) or the "supporting
  > classes"... because running the MainClass in Microsoft .NET testing my xsp
  > site gives the same error... Where you talking about the "supporting
  > classes" ?
  > I've not tested with apache yet but I want to make sure that xsp/mono is
  > ok...

  Have you tried latest CVS? System.Web got a request queue and xsp is
  aware of it.

  If testing with current CVS and MainClass running under MS runtime
  produces an error, then we have 2 separate bugs, as MainClass by itself
  fails when pointing a regular html page under apache (no mod_mono).


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