[Mono-devel-list] DotGNU competition??

Thong (Tum) Nguyen tum at veridicus.com
Wed Aug 27 01:00:37 EDT 2003

It’s worth nothing there are many .NET controls are written in 100%
managed code.  I’m pretty sure the major toolkits (Infragistics,
Syncfusion, etc) are 100% managed.


People using P/Invoke have already given up their “cross platform”
compatibility and those applications will become 100% managed over time.
Catering for them isn’t (IMO) important when you consider the “ugliness”
of having to integrate with wine.


But of course that’s just my opinion.


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>It wont ever be a complete Windows.Forms implementation, as most
>Windows.Forms applications today PInvoke into Win32 to use special
>functionality (most third party controls have to talk to Win32,
>due to limited functionality being exposed by System.Drawing and

I'm not really competent to judge the licensing issues but having
written quite a number of c# apps using vs.net, custom controls and now
the pnetlib win32 implementation of system.drawing and a number of the
key controls - I strongly believe that not basing our implementation on
windows messages will *not* hinder broad compatibility, nor


Many of the commercial 3rd party controls currently do make heavy use of
the win32 api for a number of reasons. 

However its is rare that end user applications use or need to use
interop. As you know on ms runtime you cannot even run an application
that does interop from an untrusted location - and this is bound to be
tightened even more.


Another point worth mentioning is that Avalon (MS next generation UI
coming in Longhorn) and its managed interfaces will be integrated as
System.Windows.Forms in 1.2 of the Framework. This will be not be
compatible with windows messages and applications and controls that use
the win32 api for this will not work. Those that stick to using
System.Drawing and System.Windows.Forms will.


To reiterate, I dont represent any of the opinions of the dotGNU guys.



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