[Mono-devel-list] Anjuta or Eclipse for C# dev

Cezar Nasui cezar.nasui at polymtl.ca
Tue Aug 26 10:10:48 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I'm new to Mono and I have lots of questions so please bear with me :)
I'll start with just one question :

I was wondering if someone here is using Anjuta or Eclipse. I'm using
Eclipse for my Java web work and I like that I can use it under both Linux
and Windows.
Anjuta it seems to be doing some "code completion" ("content assist" for C#
not working on Eclipse).
I read some posts about Emacs being the most powerfull but I find it a bit
difficult to work with (at least for now :) )

Any thoughts on what's better to use?


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