[Mono-devel-list] Binary JVM to MSIL conversion

Gaurav Vaish gvaish at adobe.com
Mon Aug 25 02:02:25 EDT 2003

> I saw on the ideas page at go-mono.com "You could take one of the
> existing Java compilers (Guavac comes to mind as it is so nice) and
> modify it to generate .NET code rather than JVM byte codes."
> Microsoft J# language comes with a tool that converts JVM byte codes
> into MSIL (a binary conversion - no source is needed). Is this something
> that anyone has looked at for Mono yet? It could work both ways (MSIL ->
> JVM, JVM -> MSIL).

    Wait... by JVM, do you mean Java Bytecode (JBC)? or do you mean running
MSIL on a JVM?

    If you mean the former, I won't be much impressed noting that MSIL has
some advanced features.
    I'm not sure, but I don't think we can convert things like Attributes to

    So, during coversion, we will need to drop them. And then, we'll need to
check all references for these attributes (inside the actual code) and
remove. But this is only a hypothetical situation and it cannot be achieved
    Any takers?


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