[Mono-devel-list] generics compiler

Alan Jenkins Alan.Jenkins at phonecoop.coop
Wed Aug 20 14:27:44 EDT 2003

I've just downloaded mcs-0.26 and had a play with the generics compiler fork.  
There seem to be a few problems.

- gmcs/flowanalysis.cs is missing

- In keeping with the change from string to Expression for aliased namespaces, 
gmcs/cs-parser.jay:313 should be changed from:
current_namespace.UsingAlias ((string) $2, (Expression) $4, lexer.Location);
current_namespace.UsingAlias ((string) $2, (string) $4, lexer.Location);

- For some reason (maybe it was copied from mcs before the original was 
fixed?) gmcs/expression.cs differs from mcs/expression.cs by one explanation 
mark on line 4549, contradicting the preceding comment

4548: // Check if candidate is applicable (section                                           
4549: if (!IsApplicable (ec, Arguments, candidate)) {                                                  

Hope this helps.

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