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Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Aug 14 21:12:22 EDT 2003

Mono 0.26 Release

Hello everyone,

A new release of the Mono runtime and SDK is available for UNIX and
Windows. Packages for various distributions are also available from our
download page.

Since the last release, 1,591 individual commits were done to our
runtime and class libraries (out of 2,700 commits to the repository).

189 bugzilla bugs were closed.

I know that the following summary is incomplete, I apologize for missing
major features

We continue our SourceGear contract, so you will see a lot more
stability and bug fixes in the area of networking, web services and the
core of Mono.

1. Availability

Binaries for various platforms are available from our web site from the
download section: 


Source code for Mono, MCS, XSP and mod_mono are also available from our
web site

      * MCS package (Class Libraries, C# and VB.NET compiler and managed
      * Mono package (Runtime engine, JIT compiler, pre-compiled
        compiler and class libraries):
      * Mono Documentation Browser (GUI and command line), which
        includes also the Mono tutorial:
      * Apache Mono Module and XSP runtime (needed for the Apache

2. New Features in this release.

        Peter Williams authored our new unified build system (before we
        had two build paths: one for Unix and one for Windows), and
        Gonzalo helped with the roll-out. Thanks to the two of them for
        assisting us in the migration. 
        The new build system supports profiles; Currently we support
        .NET 1.0, .NET 1.1 and the experimental Generics profile (for
        the Generics extensions). 
        Andreas Nahr continued his quest to fix the signatures,
        attributes and visibility in all of our class libraries. Also he
        has been adding the proper AssemblyInfo files to all of our
        assemblies as well as adding Locale support. 


        Thread pool management has been fixed to have the same semantics
        as .NET; Lots of bugs have been fixed there. 
        Portability fixes, and progress on the Power PC port. Chris and
        Mark have initiated a SPARC port of the JIT engine and Malte
        contributed fixes to the ARM port. 

C# Compiler

        Martin, Ravi and Miguel fixed the top 88 most wanted bugs in the
        C# compiler, needless to say, we are very proud of the
        reliability and conformance of our compiler. 
        It was a fantastic compiler, now it is even better. Thanks to
        everyone who contributed bug reports for MCS, keep them coming. 
        Also MCS has gone through a memory usage diet, and we have
        increased the performance on this release mostly by reducing the
        memory usage. We did this by using Mono's integrated profiler. 
        Big outstanding bugs have been dealt with, and we are on a final
        pass to close the existing known problems before we jump into
        the anonymous methods and generics support. 


        Lluis contributed a new XSD tool based on the new
        XmlSerialization code. This version is more complete than our
        old XSD. It is now possible to create C# classes from a Xml
        Schema file and also create an XML schema out of a C# class 

IL Assembler

        Jackson got our IL assembler passing all of the Rotor tests, and
        also has added support for Generics. 
        We used our assembler to test our runtime engine generics


        Gonzalo added support for proxies as well as fixing plenty of
        bugs in NetworkStream, Socket and HttpWebRequest. 
        Jerome contributed the IPV6 support to Mono, which is only
        available if you build with the .NET 1.1 profile mode. 

Web Services world

        Lluis worked on adding support for server side ASP.NET web
        services, including complex parameters, in/out parameters, async
        calls, Soap headers and Soap extensions. 
        We also ship some nice examples in the XSP server that make use
        of the Web Services extension features (Dump, Encrypt and Trace
        samples included). 
        Gonzalo and Daniel made the mod_mono Apache module work with
        both 1.3 and 2.0 editions of Apache. This version also uses a
        separate process to host Mono, so we get the right caching
        Work on the various pieces of WSDL continues. 

Web Forms

        Plenty of updates to the ASP.NET to conform to the new features
        in .NET 1.1, as well as many controls from Gaurav to support the
        Mobile class libraries. 
        Gonzalo and Lluis got the Web Services .asmx and .ashx files
        supported in our web hosting facilities (both XSP and Apache). 

Xml Serialization

        Lluis improved the XmlSerializer. It now supports all attributes
        for customizing xml output. 
        Lluis implemented the XmlSchemaImporter and XmlCodeExporter.
        They also improved primitive type support in xml schema. 
        Atsushi and Lluis improved XmlSchema compilation support. It now
        supports more precise schema object information. 

Windows.Forms and System.Drawing

        Alexandre Pigolkine and Aleksey Ryabchuk did most of the work on
        System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing. Duncan and myself did
        janitorial work on the code base.
        Bmp, Jpeg codecs improved, PngCodec added. 
        Xr implementation: It is possible to load an image, paint on it
        and save modified image to a file: Currently 24bpp and 32bpp
        formats are supported. 
        Duncan and Larry Ewing (yes, that Larry Ewing) improved our
        Xr-based rendering engine, which continues to move along 
        Wine implementation improved to support image visualization. 
        MDI Forms work on Linux. 
        FileDialog is compatible with Wine, ColorDialog implemented. The
        dialogs were not tested with WineLib package (looks like it does
        not support common dialogs). 
        Implementation of some controls
        (Button,Label,RadioButton,CheckBox) changed to be compatible
        with documentation and to work with WineLib package. 
        Some bugs, revealed by samples at
        http://www.nullenvoid.com/mono/wiki/index.php/WineSamples, are
        Switched to WineLib by default. 

XML support

        The work to implement a fully managed version of Xslt
        (System.Xml.Xsl) is making enourmous progress. The effort is
        being coordinated by Ben who has done an amazing job in
        implementing Xslt in record time. Both Atsushi and Piers made
        very big contributions to the effort. 
        Monodoc is now capable of running completely with our managed
        implementation of Xslt. This is good, because we will now be
        able to implement properly the XPathNavigator-based interfaces
        without having to resort to temporary files, and we also get the
        proper threading semantics. 
        Piers did an great job at fixing XPath as the work on Xstl
        progressed. He also fixed the various bugs reported by the
        Dashboard hackers (Variable handling, improved namespace
        support, sorting support and so on). 
        Atsushi also got XPathDocument and its XPathNavigator
        implemented. XmlDocument's XPathNavigator has been also improved
        and is a lot faster thanks to the new architecture. They are now
        almost finised. 
        On the DTD support: XmlValidatingReader validatation, entity
        handling, ID and default attribute support in XmlDocument and
        Improved well-formedness check in XmlTextReader and
        XmlNodeWriter was implemented, in relation to managed XSLT


        C14N support has finally been added to System.Security assembly
        thanks to Aleksey Sanin! 
        Added missing classes/methods to System.Security,
        System.Security.Permissions, System.Security.Policies and
        System.Security.Principal. We now have a much better signature
        compatibility with the framework. [Duncan, Sebastien] 
        New unit tests in System.Security.Permissions,
        System.Security.Policies and System.Security.Principal.
        All (known) bugs are fixed in CryptoStream. (Sebastien) 
        MonoTODO attributes under System.Security.* have been updated
        and should reflect reality. (Sebastien) 


        Improvements in Remoting infrastucture. Now it can run
        Remoting.Corba out of the box. Both client and server channels
        Implemented HttpChannel, thanks to the work of Hussein Mehanna,
        Ahmad Tantawy and Ahmad Kadry. 


        Progress from Cesar: 
        Parser: Support for classes, enumerations, interfaces, packages.
        Code Generation: "Hello mono::" is back. (first jscript .net
        program compiled by mjs). 
        Public API: The stubs for the classes of the Microsoft.JScript
        namespace public API are complete now. 
        CodeGeneration and Semantic Analysis were supposed to be
        implemented as Visitor classed, that will change. The methods
        Resolve () and Emit () will be at each AST class. 

System.Design and CodeDom

        Andreas contributed a VB CodeDom provider and also implemented
        plenty of functionality System.Design and also fixed roughly a
        thousand API entry points in the API. 

Mono Cairo debuts

        Duncan has done Cairo bindings for Mono. 

        In the next release we will drop our support for the old Xr
        bindings, and move everything to the new Cairo API. 

3. The people behind this release

        The following developers contributed to this release: 
        Ahmad Kadry, Ahmad Tantawy, Aleksey Demakov, Aleksey Ryabchuk,
        Alexandre Pigolkine, Alex Graveley, Andreas Nahr, Atsushi
        Enomoto, Ben Maurer, Bernie Solomon, Carlos Alberto Cortes,
        Carlos Barcenilla, Cesar Octavio Lopez Nataren, Daniel Lopez,
        Dennis Hayes, Dick Porter, Dietmar Maurer, Duncan Mak, Ed
        Thomson, Ettore Perazzoli, Francisco Figueiredo Jr., Gallery-a,
        Gaurav Vaish, Gonzalo Paniagua, Hussein Mehanna, Jackson Harper,
        Jaroslaw Kowalski, Jean-Marc André, Jerome Laban, Joel Basson,
        Johannes Roith, John Luke, Jonathan Pryor, Joshua Tauberer, Juli
        Mallett, Larry Ewing, Lluis Sanchez, Malte Hildingson, Mark
        Crichton, Martin Baulig, Martin Willemoes Hansen, Miguel de
        Icaza, Mike Kestner, Mr. Mandar, Nick Drochak, Paolo Molaro,
        Pedro Martinez, Pelle Johnsen, Peter Williams, Philip Van Hoof,
        Piers Haken, Prajakt, Rachel Hestilow, Rafael Teixeira, Ravi
        Pratap, Rodrigo Moya, Sebastien Pouliot, Thong Nguyen, Timothy
        Parez, Zoltan Varga. 

This list is not complete, it is missing contributions that were sent to
the list, as it was very hard to track the two million incremental line
patch since the last release (lots of documentation, thats why ;-).
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