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Fernando Diaz fdiaz at igalia.com
Mon Aug 4 05:01:08 EDT 2003

El jue, 24 de 07 de 2003 a las 14:35, Paolo Molaro escribió:

> MonoClassField is just a runtime representation of the metadata for
> field, it doesn't contain the data directly.
> Static fields are stored in MonoVTable->data.
> Instance fields are allocated in the objects after the object header:
> -----		<----- start of object
> vtable 		<----- pointer for MonoVTable for the object's class
> syncblock	<----- lock/unlock support
> first field
> second field
> ...
> lupus

I have the Class Prueba with three atributes, the source code is:

class Prueba{
	private string texto;
	private Prueba puntero;	
        private int entero;
        public Prueba(string texto,Prueba puntero,int entero){

If i examine the memory to look for this atributes (it would be after de
object header) i get this (look the picture). The data isn't after the
object header and the data isn't static.


Regards. Fernando Díaz

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