[Mono-devel-list] portability and 64bit suggestions for mini

Laurent Morichetti l_m at pacbell.net
Mon Aug 4 01:10:45 EDT 2003


I started the port of mini for IPF and here are some of the issues I
encountered so far:

- MONO_NEW_PCONST needs to emit an OP_PCONST inst. Rules need to be added to
match the new OP_PCONST inst.

- mini needs to differentiate I4 compares from native int compares. Could
use COMPARE_I4 for integers and COMPARE for native ints (and pointers).

- The invoke part of mono_jit_runtime_invoke needs to be arch dependent. On
some platforms a function pointer is not the address of the code. Mini
should leave the invocation to arch_mono_invoke (gointer code, ...)

- On platforms where arguments are passed in registers, LDARGA_S will not
work as (LDARGA_S (OP_REGVAR)). Somehow, mini needs to box the argument or
reserve some stack space to save it.

Is anybody else looking at a 64bit port of mini (sparc)? Would it be better
to create a 64bit branch for mini so that the current (32bit) work is


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