[Mono-devel-list] NAnt 0.8.2 released

Matthew Mastracci matt at aclaro.com
Thu Apr 24 17:15:26 EDT 2003

This is the final release of 0.8.2.  Please report any issues to 
nant-developers at lists.sourceforge.net.

Thanks to all the developers that worked hard to make this release 
happen and all the users that make the development worth it!

* Note that this release has support for both the Microsoft.NET 
framework v1.1 and Mono.  See NAnt.exe.config for details on how to 
change the currently supported framework version.

Download it here: 

NAnt homepage: http://nant.sourceforge.net/
NAnt Wiki: http://nant.sourceforge.net/wiki/


Changes since 0.8.1:

# <if> task changes to support the uptodate test
# Changes for task item element initialization
# Read output of <exec>'d (and other external program) processes and 
insert into logfile
# Fixed logging for regex task
# Made NAnt errors less chatty
# NAnt now works without Framework SDK installed
# Fixed bugs in Copy/Move task which caused exceptions when using todir and
a fileset, in certain cases.
# New <unzip> task.new <loadtasks> task which replaces the functionality 
of taskdef (from
# <foreach> supports <in><items> fileset to work on files.
# Fix for NUnit2 task using fileset.
# Fix for fileset's <includeList> element.
# Logging cleanups: moved to log4net.
# FxCop cleanups for correctness.
# Support for multiple versions of .NET framework.
# Changes to make NAnt more mono-friendly.
# Updated SharpZipLib library.
# Makes error reporting more accurate - gives line numbers for property 
expansion errors
# Multiple test assembly support for NUnit2 task.
# General speed-up for directory/file scanning.
# Resgen file generation correctness fixes.
# Added support multiple delimiters and string trimming to LoopTask's 
file line mode.
# More support for CSC/VBC command-line options.

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