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Erik LeBel eriklebel at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 25 09:30:02 EDT 2003

appologies for bringing this back to the mailing list, but in trying to reply to Adam, the message bounced, and it will again no doubt, but then he can read it on the web archives...


Xml-people and code generator amateurs, 

Considering our options:

I also feel that Console.WriteLine is a poor choice of generators (maybe it was said in humour…). The multi language support that Adam mentioned for one reason, and the fact that I’ve too often seen and had to modify code that takes this approach to reporting/generation, and felt that it is hard to maintain. At the very least we should create a generator who’s methods generate (WriteLine) logical code components. This would separate the logic of building/extracting the component information, and “serializing” it. Another thing to consider is that the use of Console.WriteLine, if used, should be wrapped inside a function. If changes are to made in say what method call is to be made, then “Console.WriteLine” could become “somestream.Write”.

 The CodeDom is not completely hopeless, I think that if it where only used when code generation were explicitly requested, we could live with some delay. Is there any way we could improve the loading of the compiler? Can the compiler be loaded in-process like an assembly? This would depend on weather or not it is CLR code, or native.

I’m not particularly familiar with Reflection.Emit, but maybe we could build a code generator which plugs in as an alternative to the ILGenerator. When we need both source and executable code, we could then just plug in both generators. (I’m just guessing at this point, I don’t know how this works).

That’s my .02$ worth,


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