[Mono-devel-list] Patch against mod_mono to add certain featu res.

Philip Nelson panmanphil at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 23:20:05 EDT 2003

--- Daniel Lopez <daniel at rawbyte.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is IIS 5.0, and one of the options in IIS 6.0 
> In IIS 6.0 you can also move HTTP processing into the kernel. A
> good article can be found here:
> http://dotnetweblogs.com/sgentile/posts/3883.aspx
> > I believe at least in IIS 6.0, the process works like:
> > 
> > IIS <-- named-pipes --> ASP.Net Worker Process(aspnet_wp.exe) <--
> > HttpHandlers(IHttpHandler) --> Assemblies <-- Modules

It looks like only the initial HTTP processing changes in IIS 6.  The actual
request is still handled by a worker process.  This would then follow a path
like the one above.  The idea I was suggesting looks more like this.

Apache -> mod_mono -> syncronous network request, probably to localhost -->
mono hosted process, ala cassini but optimized for and restricted to mod_mono
requests --> http handlers --> Assemblies

The client only sees the connection to apache.  This part I'm a little unclear
on other than mod_mono would copy bytes back to the client.

mod_mono could handle the request as far as selecting the app domain and
choosing the correct mono worker process to invoke. The processing would be
isolated from apache and couldn't bring it down.  It would be much faster than

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