[Mono-devel-list] Patch against mod_mono to add certain featu res.

yoros at wanadoo.es yoros at wanadoo.es
Wed Apr 23 13:42:20 EDT 2003

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 09:55:39AM -0700, Philip Nelson wrote:
> > NOTE: Think that Tomcat (and related) does something like Remoting.
> > 
> Java servers like tomcat and resin use a much simpler technique.  Instead of
> the module in apache doing anything with the request besides authentication and
> the like, they just pass the *request* to another process that hosts the
> servlet engine.  As a result, the traffic between the two is very minimal.  It
> is also an interception point that can be used to accomplish load balancing and
> failover.  Forcing the module to do remoting or otherwise processing the
> request only to pass it off to another process is just wasted cycles.

We can do something like that. The only methods that feeds back any data
to Apache are SendResponseFromMemory, SetResponseHeader, SetStatusCode,
SetStatusLine, Flush and Close.

The system could works the following way:
- Apache calls mod_mono with the Request Data.
- mod_mono makes a Request object with the data needed and pass the flow
  control to ModMono.
- ModMono will send Request to one ASP server through Remoting.
- The ASP server will control the connection with the client and will
  serve the pages requested...

I don't know if we can gain any performance with this design. The main
feature I search with this design is to get off the internal calls to

I hope this help,


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