[Mono-devel-list] New code for System.Drawing...

J. Perkins jason at 379.com
Mon Apr 21 08:52:12 EDT 2003

I believe that an HBITMAP is, by definition, a pointer to a Win32 BITMAP 
structure. Since providing this structure is a requirement of the API, 
it makes since to use it as the internal bitmap structure as well. 
Otherwise, you have to deal with copying the data between layouts and 
keeping them all in sync. This is really only important for SWF of 
course, which will most likely just pass the HBITMAP on to a native 
Win32 function.

This dependency is unfortunate, because there are much easier ways to 
work with bitmap data in C#.


Alexandre Pigolkine wrote:
> It is not really clear to me that exactly do you plan to return from 
> GetHbitmap() method. 
> I think that we cannot assume something about structure of objects 
> described by HBITMAP. 

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