[Mono-devel-list] mcs/ilasm build broken on windows

Urs Muff umuff at quark.com
Fri Apr 18 18:26:41 EDT 2003

make[2]: Entering directory `/CVS-Repositories/go-mono.com/mcs/ilasm'

../jay/jay -ct < ../jay/skeleton.cs parser/ILParser.jay > parser/ILParser.cs

../jay/jay: 6 rules never reduced

../jay/jay: 11 shift/reduce conflicts, 316 reduce/reduce conflicts.

echo Driver.cs AssemblyInfo.cs codegen/CodeGen.cs codegen/ExternTable.cs
codegen/InstrTable.cs codegen/ITypeRef.cs codeg

en/IClassRef.cs codegen/FieldDef.cs codegen/ParamDef.cs codegen/MethodDef.cs
codegen/TypeDef.cs codegen/TypeRef.cs codeg

en/PeapiTypeRef.cs codegen/ExternTypeRef.cs codegen/PrimitiveTypeRef.cs
codegen/TypeManager.cs parser/ILParser.cs parser

/ScannerAdapter.cs scanner/ILReader.cs scanner/ILSyntaxError.cs
scanner/ILTables.cs scanner/ILToken.cs scanner/ILTokeniz

er.cs scanner/InstrToken.cs scanner/ITokenStream.cs scanner/Location.cs
scanner/NumberHelper.cs scanner/StringHelperBase

.cs scanner/StringHelper.cs      | sed -e 's@/@\\@g' > list

csc /nologo /optimize /target:exe /out:ilasm.exe /r:../class/lib/PEAPI.dll

codegen\MethodDef.cs(50,40): error CS0542: 'MethodDef': member names cannot
be the same as their enclosing type

codegen\MethodDef.cs(18,22): (Location of symbol related to previous error)

codegen\FieldDef.cs(44,39): error CS0542: 'FieldDef': member names cannot be
the same as their enclosing type

codegen\FieldDef.cs(15,22): (Location of symbol related to previous error)

make[2]: *** [ilasm.exe] Error 1


- Urs C. Muff

Software Architect      - Research Lab


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