[Mono-devel-list] SoapFormatting

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Apr 16 00:44:09 EDT 2003


> I'm currently trying to implement the SoapFormatter class. The work is
> in progress but I have one question about the compatibility with the MS
> SOAP messages.

I assume you are talking about the SoapFormatter for remoting purposes. 
There is some code on CVS.  But am afraid has not a very bright future
due to the way it was implemented.

> I'm wondering if the Mono SOAP formatter should be able to read messages
> formatted by the MS SOAP formatter and vice versa.

Yes, they should.  The question to be answered is which encoding does
the SoapFormmater use.  There are two "formats":

	* Soap Section 5 encoding.

	* XML Schema-based encoding.

I know that ASP.NET and some of the Web classes use the XmlSerializer
manually, and not the Remoting version.

> I'm asking this question because many serializable classes of the Mono
> and MS class libraries don't have the same field's name (sometimes, they
> don't have the same number of fields) so it may be difficult to produce
> the same messages.

We should look at each case, and study a solution.  The only fields that
matter are public properties and fields, and those should pretty much be
the same.


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