[Mono-devel-list] GtkMozEmbed Sample

yoros at wanadoo.es yoros at wanadoo.es
Mon Apr 14 01:49:21 EDT 2003


I was playing with the sample of gtkmozembed-sharp and it doesn't
compile for me because there are a method that requires one more
parameter (maybe gtk-sharp has changed its interface for toolbar).

I have changed the sources for make it build successfully (the patch is
attached to this post). If nobody disagree with me, I will commit the
changes in about 12 hours (when I get back).



Pedro Martinez Juliá
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Index: gtkmozembed-sharp/sample/GtkMozApp.cs
RCS file: /cvs/public/gtkmozembed-sharp/sample/GtkMozApp.cs,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -p -r1.1.1.1 GtkMozApp.cs
--- gtkmozembed-sharp/sample/GtkMozApp.cs	3 Apr 2003 18:37:14 -0000
+++ gtkmozembed-sharp/sample/GtkMozApp.cs	14 Apr 2003 00:44:20 -0000
@@ -42,17 +42,17 @@ namespace GtkSamples {
 			toolbar.Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal;
 			hbox.PackStart(toolbar, false, false, 0);
-			toolbar.AppendItem("Go Back", "Go Back",
-					   "Go Back",  new SignalFunc (back_clicked_cb));
+			toolbar.AppendItem("Go Back", "Go Back", "Go Back",
+				new Label("Go Back"),  new SignalFunc (back_clicked_cb));
-			toolbar.AppendItem("Stop", "Stop",
-                                           "Stop", new SignalFunc (stop_clicked_cb));
+			toolbar.AppendItem("Stop", "Stop", "Stop",
+				new Label("Stop"), new SignalFunc (stop_clicked_cb));
-			toolbar.AppendItem("Forward", "Go Forward",
-                                           "Go Forward", new SignalFunc (forward_clicked_cb));
+			toolbar.AppendItem("Forward", "Go Forward", "Go Forward",
+				new Label("Go Forward"), new SignalFunc (forward_clicked_cb));
-			toolbar.AppendItem("Reload", "Reload",
-					   "Reload", new SignalFunc (reload_clicked_cb));
+			toolbar.AppendItem("Reload", "Reload", "Reload",
+				new Label("Reload"), new SignalFunc (reload_clicked_cb));
 			editbox = new Entry();
 			editbox.Activated += new EventHandler(entry_act);

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