[Mono-devel-list] Re: Nested namesapce Bug (#40833)

Gaurav Vaish gvaish at adobe.com
Fri Apr 11 01:15:51 EDT 2003

> From a preliminary look at your patch, it seems rather hackish and I am
> not sure if it really is the best way to tackle the problem. AFAIK,

    Right. It's a sort of quick hack you can say.
    I thought sometime (may be not much) over it but could come up with only
    Actually, I could not find any better method to compare for whether a
*tree* has already been created or not.
    (tree == the one that I'm creating) or may be there are better
approaches than creating this *tree*.

    I agree that too much string manipulation may hinder performance. Umm...
can I get away with HashCode?
    Oh yes, I forgot that string-s are passed by value while other objects
(not structs) by reference. Will 'ref' help?

    Still thinking....

> Miguel has a branch of mcs with a huge re-write of the namespace
> handling code so it probably is best to try and fix it through that.
> That way, the code ends up being much neater and we avoid hacks :-)

    Yeah... these days I'm watching mcs/mcs/ more closely than ever before.

Happy Hacking,

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