[Mono-devel-list] Remoting patches and typo fix

Torstensson, Patrik patrik.torstensson at intel.com
Mon Apr 7 17:53:29 EDT 2003


> > This is true, the problem is that the CreateMessageSink 
> doesn't check the
> > process id. The cross appdomain channel should have the 
> highest prio and
> > also be a part of the channel list.
> Exactly, but as it must not be listed in the
> ChannelServices.RegisteredChannels property are is the patch for that.
> (ChannelServices-20030407.diff)

Hm, your patch has a typo, this line:

if(channel is CrossContextChannel)

Should be

if(channel is CrossAppDomainChannel) 

But otherwise it looks good.
> This was exactly this. However, the CrossAppDomainChannel.cs 
> file is located
> in the corlib, which does not seem to provide any way to get 
> the current
> process ID. I have added an internal call to the static function
> System.Diagnostics.Process::GetPid_internal. But I don't know 
> if I can just
> add a reference to the existing icall function, or if I have 
> to define a new
> one with the appropriate name (Which would be nicer).

Hm, you need to sync this with Lluis. He has been working on this to, he has
been working on a icall for getting the process guid. It needs to be a guid
(it can't be the same as another process in another machine).

Anyway, sync up with Lluis. 

Lluis, sync up with Jerome. ;-)

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