[Mono-devel-list] Remoting patches and typo fix

Jerome Laban jlaban at wanadoo.fr
Mon Apr 7 17:30:25 EDT 2003

> This is true, the problem is that the CreateMessageSink doesn't check the
> process id. The cross appdomain channel should have the highest prio and
> also be a part of the channel list.

Exactly, but as it must not be listed in the
ChannelServices.RegisteredChannels property are is the patch for that.

> It's really simple to add, just add a check for process id in
> CreateMessageSink and add so the constructor of ChannelData save's the
> current process id (as it does with AppDomainID).

This was exactly this. However, the CrossAppDomainChannel.cs file is located
in the corlib, which does not seem to provide any way to get the current
process ID. I have added an internal call to the static function
System.Diagnostics.Process::GetPid_internal. But I don't know if I can just
add a reference to the existing icall function, or if I have to define a new
one with the appropriate name (Which would be nicer).

Anyway, I attached with this post patch files for this issue.
(icall-20030407.diff and CrossAppDomainChannel-20030407.diff)

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