[Mono-devel-list] Debugger support in mcs

Martin Baulig martin at gnome.org
Mon Apr 7 16:39:12 EDT 2003

Nick Drochak <ndrochak at gol.com> writes:

> On Sun, 2003-04-06 at 01:44, Martin Baulig wrote:
> > The problem is that on Linux, you always have the symbol writer, so not having it is
> > actually an installation problem - I got a few bug reports from people who had this
> > problem and were complaining the the debugger did not work for them.

Hi Nick,

> I see. It must have occured on linux, but how could one not have it
> installed if one does a 'make install' in mcs? Seems the makefile(s)
> take care of this automagically.  One doesn't need to do something
> special, right?

normally, this should never happen - that's why it should print an error message and not
just a warning.

> > However, in either case, the error / warning message needs to be improved to tell people
> > what's actually wrong.  It'd be fine for me having it print a warning on Linux which tells
> > people that it's an installation problem and that they need to compile and install the
> > Mono.CSharp.Debugger directory.
> I totally agree with this. I'm still a bit stumped as to how it could
> happen though (but it's not hard to stump me on things linux-ish).

Ok, I can implement the "ms runtime or Mono" check; this can actually be done in the
symbol writer code.

> I'll try.

Thanks a lot.

Martin Baulig
martin at gnome.org
martin at ximian.com

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