[Mono-devel-list] Bug in mcs '/r:' handling

Piers Haken piersh at friskit.com
Mon Apr 7 05:36:21 EDT 2003

I think there's a bug in the way that mcs handles assembly references.
It looks like its ability to resolve assembly references depends on the
order that the references appear on the command line. By way of
explanation, please see the attached files.

There are 3 assemblies created:
        a/a.dll - references no other assemblies
        b/b.dll - references a.dll
        c.exe - references b.dll

In the makefile there are two attempts to build c.exe:
        mcs /r:a/a.dll /r:b/b.dll c.cs
        mcs /r:b/b.dll /r:a/a.dll c.cs

The first one succeeds. The second one fails - it shouldn't.

** (/home/server/mono/install/bin/mcs.exe:6307): WARNING **: Could not
find assembly a
error CS0006: Cannot find assembly `b/b.dll'

I believe that mcs should include the assemblies referenced on the
command line in its list of places to look when resolving those

This bug breaks the gtk-sharp build (sample/rsvg/svghelloworld.cs).


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