[Mono-devel-list] Typed allocation facility in runtime

dietmar dietmar at ximian.com
Fri Apr 4 04:27:51 EST 2003

It runs quite stable here. But I get a larger speedup with mono than
with mini - any ideas why?

- Dietmar

On Thu, 2003-04-03 at 23:43, Varga Zoltan wrote:
>                                           Hi All,
>   I added an experimental typed allocation facility to the
> runtime. Typed
> allocation means the Boehm collector knows the layout of
> heap allocated
> objects and known which words can hold pointers and which do
> not. This
> speeds up collection since fewer memory locations needs to
> be examined,
> and it also decreases the working set of applications since
> fewer false
> pointers are encountered by the collector. Typed allocation
> can be turned
> on by setting CREATION_SPEEDUP to 1 in metadata/object.c. 
> This change speeds up corlib compilation by about 10% on my
> machine.
> I would appreciate if people would test this. If it works,
> it can be made
> the default.

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