[Mono-devel-list] Socket Send/ReceiveTimeouts

Matthias Sessler sessler at in.tum.de
Thu Apr 3 18:51:04 EST 2003


> I don't think there's any need for timers, threads and such. There is
> very wonderful poll method which does the trick quite well. At the
> application level you could write something like this:
I am sorry i never used unix sockets, but i would never thought, that 
someone would implement a timeout via poll method but not with 
send/receive. This is pure punishment to let everyone create more 
complicated code.

> If you really want to fix the problem at the Mono level,
My impression is that mono is VM and i expect it to behave the same on 
any system it supports. This might seem naive but i have a feeling that 
i am not alone in this. Implementing things on mono level would not 
require porting it to any new system.

When i got the answer that send/receive timeouts were not supported on 
linux, i was under the impression that they were not supported at all. 
So the patch i send is now more or less useless. If i can spare some 
time again, i will try to create a version using polling and consider 
that some systems support send/receive timeouts.

Matthias Sessler

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