[Mono-devel-list] Remoting .NET - Mono interoperable

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ideary.com
Thu Apr 3 11:25:29 EST 2003

Hi José Luis

Thanks for the patch!

I've reviewed it and I've found a couple of problems, that I've already
fixed. The first one is that TransportHeaders can have many headers, not
only the uri and the content type, so for those custom headers it is
necessary to write the key and the value the way it was done before your

The other issue is with the "application/octet-stream" header. It is in fact
a header named "Content-Type" and that it is added by the
BinaryClientFormatterSink. It does so now.

Regarding your patch for BinaryFormatter, I don't understand the reason for
this change. I think that what we have in Mono 0.23 is already compatible
with MS.NET.

- Lluis.

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From: José Luis Martín Peinado
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Subject: [Mono-devel-list] Remoting .NET - Mono interoperable


    I'm quite interested in Mono remoting interoperability with MS.NET. I
have performed some modifications to classes TcpMessageIO and
BinaryFormatter (from version 0.23 of Mono), and now interworks with MS .NET

    Document about Binary Serialization Format from Lluis Sánchez has been
helpful. Although a lot of fields are unknown to the moment, I will try to
provide some information about the supposed way remoting protocol is done by

    I haven't tested extensively modifications, but I hope it is useful for
the people working on the remoting and serialization stuff. A simple example
of remoting for testing is included also.

    Best regards, José Luis.

José Luis Martín Peinado
Telefónica I+D
Servicios Móviles de Nueva Generación

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