[Mono-bugs] [Bug 672050] Inconsistency - Data binding to the empty datatable

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Thu May 5 08:19:27 EDT 2011



--- Comment #7 from Avior Computing <jmilillo at aviorcomputing.com> 2011-05-05 12:19:26 UTC ---
I don't believe 2.0 applications would be affected as DataTableExtensions are

After reading the MS.NET documentation, it states the InvalidOperationException
should be thrown when the source sequence does not contain any DataRow objects.

This does not explain why the scenario works in .NET but not in Mono.

Our "fix" causes the Mono implementation to match the behavior in .NET, however
it appears as though the exception should be handled further up.  I have a
current open ticket with Telerik and have asked they add some input here as

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