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           Summary: Bug Bounties
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Have you folks considered adding a bug bounty feature to your bug tracker?
I ask because I sometimes find (usually cosmetic or in obscure cases like Large
Fonts mode) bugs in Mono Windows Forms which annoy people, and when I am doing
contract work it'd be handy if I could tell them, say, yeah this is a Mono bug,
and maybe we could put $50 on a fix, etc. (honestly, to someone more familiar
with the code base I can't imagine most of them being more than a half hour
fix... problem is, takes forever to get familiar with huge code bases like the
Mono class libraries...)

I expect you could make some money from bug fixing in general if you knew which
ones people were actually willing to pay to see fixed.

For example, MWF CheckBox in both normal and button mode on Windows not using
Visual Styles... how hard would that be? Large Fonts Mode, some layout panels
not autoscaling their contents properly... These looks unprofessional and
reflects badly on people developing software that uses Mono. There are
literally hundreds of little annoying quirks in Mono like this, and I bet if
you added the ability of people to chip in some money to go to a fix, you'd get
quite a bit...

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