[Mono-bugs] [Bug 681547] Invalid method signature of Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.DynamicValidationHelper.ValidationUtility.GetUnvalidatedCollections

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--- Comment #3 from Ilya Lukyanov <ilya.lukyanov at gmail.com> 2011-03-23 10:03:41 UTC ---
Miguel, Marek,

As i have written i'm using Mono's Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll. And it
seems that problem is inside it.

I'm very sory but i can't prepare a test project that could demonatrate the
issue now because of unclear issues that make MVC-projects with
System.Web.Mvc.dll 3.0 on 4.0 profile imposible to run. 

The issue reported is got with custom environment that embeds Mono runtime and
uses it's assemblies and is written on custom .NET-language. As a http-server
it uses xsp4 and it's behavior is identical to one in Mono. Unfortunately i
can't give you an environment and MonoDevelop add-ins which are used. And it
would be even more work for you.

So i'm asking you to simply compare two method signatures of
the one from Mono and the other from Microsoft. 

>From my point of view this would completely prove that the problem really
exists and what causes it.

The method System.Web.Mvc.FormValueProviderFactory.GetValueProvider is always
called when a form is posted to server and it always leads to call of
System.Web.Helpers.Validation.Unvalidated (from System.Web.WebPages.dll) that
always make call of 

ValidationUtility.GetUnvalidatedCollections(HttpContext, ref
NameValueCollection, ref NameValueCollection, ref NameValueCollection, ref

but in Mono version of Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure.dll the signature of this
method is:

GetUnvalidatedCollections(HttpContext context, out Func<NameValueCollection>
formGetter, out Func<NameValueCollection> queryStringGetter)

So an exception is thrown.

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