[Mono-bugs] [Bug 677252] using sgen result in a SIGSEV in mono - runtime after a while

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--- Comment #5 from Bruno Giavotto <bruno at tagsrl.net> 2011-03-21 10:10:40 UTC ---
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> ASAP I will try to identify more precisely the situation, then i will submit a
> more precise info, or repo program. 

Hi, Marek & Mark.
More testing showed me that it's a bit hard to reproduce the issue with the
repo i've submitted.

I can submit another test program, but unfortunately, this is a little more
complex. It's necessary to include a small framework library (Mindscape
LightSpeed ORM), and also one need a PostgreSQL install with one test table
used by the test. While i can i do not know if it's possible/acceptable for you
to test in this condition. Follow there are the requirements, let me know if i
should proceed with the test case.


- PostgresSQL > 8.x install, reachable from the web app
(i will include all dump files needed to reproduce the table into db)
- Inclusion of the MindScape LightSpeed ORM assemblies, (i will provide the
free trial version)

If this solution is feasible to you, let me know, i will submit the simple

Best Regards

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