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--- Comment #7 from Rolf Bjarne Kvinge <rkvinge at novell.com> 2011-03-16 11:21:01 CET ---
Marek: you didn't read all my comments :) That commit is from december, while
moon.sublimeintervention.com is running with mono 2.10 from mid-january.

Anyways, here is what I'm trying now to reproduce, and I'm currently getting a
lot of LockRecursionExceptions.

checkout moonlight
cd moon/test

add dummy web.config <attached>

run xsp2:
MONO_OPTIONS="--debug --trace=E:dummy" xsp2 --port 8123  --applications
/WebServices:./xaml/,/:./ --nonstop

run ab in a second terminal:
while true; do sudo /usr/sbin/ab2 -t 10000 -n 99999999 -c 5 -k -r ; done

touch web.config and run curl in a loop in a third terminal:
while true; do while curl http://localhost:8123/ -m 30 >> log; do echo again;
touch web.config ; done; bip; done

in a couple of minutes I have 25 LockRecursionExceptions in the log file.

If I use monkeywrench instead of a dummy directory in the moon checkout, I get
the reported exception too once in a while (but I get the lock recursion
exception a lot more often) - but it's a bit harder to setup so hopefully this
can make you reproduce it.

And I'm running with mono from last week.

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