[Mono-bugs] [Bug 679598] Apache+mod_mono, xsp or MonoFastCGI does not obey the <httpHandlers/><add path="anypathhereisbuggy" />

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--- Comment #2 from Demis Bellot <demis.bellot at gmail.com> 2011-03-15 22:17:00 UTC ---

The problems are to do with ASP.NET handling of <httpHandlers/> - the source
code and integration test results are for a number of failing conditions is
available for download in the GitHub projects I've listed above. 

In terms of compatibility with ASP.NET, there are more differences/bugs between
the behaviours then there are similarities. As previously mentioned the only
handler path that works correctly is the wildcard path="*". I think the entire
behaviour of <httpHandler/> path resolutions need to be revisited and compared
with ASP.NETs implementation.

Do you have an already working ASP.NET application in MONO that uses a custom
path and works as expected?

The GitHub projects I've provided contains a variety of small, self-contained,
differently configured projects that runs the same code except in a different
configuration. Can you let me know how I can make it any smaller or more
palatable than what is already provided? They all contain a very small Hello
World HttpHandler implementation, only the Web.Config of each ASP.NET
application differs, and all but the wildcard path="*" configuration has

Unfortunately this is an ASP.NET hosting application problem and requires you
to setup an external Apache+mod_mono, running xsp2/4 or Nginx/FastCGI
environment,  as such it is not runnable in a single test case. The only thing
I can think to do is zip up the GitHub projects and attach it here, is that
what you want?

- Demis

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