[Mono-bugs] [Bug 679242] loading PNG looses data -- seems to be forcing premultiplied alpha

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Mon Mar 14 01:06:36 EDT 2011



--- Comment #1 from Danny Dulai <danny at sooloos.com> 2011-03-14 05:06:35 UTC ---
One additional thing to note. There may also be a bug here with bmp.Save()
line, but in my real use case, the PNG files were generated by Photoshop and
have been verified to contain expected a/r/g/b values. In fact, the program
with the same PNGs works perfectly on Windows with Microsoft's .NET, and breaks
on OS X with Mono 2.8.2.

I have yet to try Mono 2.10 because of other regressions from 2.8.2 that my
team have already put in tickets for.

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