[Mono-bugs] [Bug 668767] Graphics.FillPolygon threading crash (TPL)

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--- Comment #5 from Sebastien Pouliot <spouliot at novell.com> 2011-03-09 14:14:20 UTC ---
> This bug is still crashing the runtime, making Mono unusable for many apps.

A list of the unusable apps along with stack traces could be useful to pinpoint
the condition under which the crash occurs. Please share them!

> Is anyone allocated to this bug? :-|

No. libgdiplus/System.Drawing/System.Windows.Forms is not actively developed
anymore. New developments are community driven and contributions for bug
fixes/features are welcome.

OTOH there's a lot more you can do, like:

1) provide more details

 a) I _cannot_ reproduced the issue on x86 (and my x86-64 box is unusable right
now). Did you ever see this outside x86-64 boxes ? (or I am just very lucky on
my x86 ?)

 b) install debug symbols and debug sources for everything in the unmanaged
stack trace (i.e. cairo, pixman, libc)

 c) run under gdb, once it crash enter the command "t a a bt". This will show
the stack trace for every thread. Along with the above (extra symbols/sources)
this should give a lot more information about what's happening.

2) try to split the problem into parts, e.g.:

Move, one by one, the Bitmap, SolidBrush, Point[], Graphics creation outside
the Parallel.For (e.g. in indexed arrays). It the crash occurs because
something is shared between them (and freed by another thread) then keeping
(gradually) all of them alive could pinpoint on which type the issue occurs
(when crashes stops).

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