[Mono-bugs] [Bug 661437] 2.8.1: Connect/Send logic on UDP sockets is throwing inappropriately

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--- Comment #6 from Iraklij Kuznetsov <carga at mail.ru> 2011-03-09 09:01:56 UTC ---
Well, I could not agree with your "resolution". The attached code (UdpBug.cs)
works smoothly on Windows (Vista 32bit and Server 2003 64bit), but it fails in
Ubuntu. This means that Mono does not completely mimics original Microsoft

I could imagine that original .NET checks IP address and sets this SO_BROADCAST
flag automatically for broadcast addresses -- this is the most stupid and
straightforward solution I could imagine.

So what is the real problem? The real problem is that UdpBug.cs _IS_NOT_
cross-platform as it is expected to be. Since the Mono mimics Ms, not vice
versa, I feel it is in our best interests to update mono Sockets implementation
and to set this flag automatically.

Please, fill this incompatibility gap -- I REALLY would like to be able to run
the same .NET assemblies in different environments smoothly.

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