[Mono-bugs] [Bug 707434] XmlSerializer Order attribute check is checking for this on XmlAttribute

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--- Comment #1 from scott fluto <srfcanada at hotmail.com> 2011-07-21 16:43:02 UTC ---
by modifying XmlReflectionImporter.cs 
line 791:
from: if (atts.XmlIgnore) continue;
to:   if (atts.XmlIgnore || atts.XmlAttribute != null) continue;

and line 808:
from: if (atts.XmlIgnore) continue;
to:   if (atts.XmlIgnore || atts.XmlAttribute != null) continue;

this will fix the problem but it depends on what the purpose of the
GetReflectionMembers method is, if it should just return all Xml decorators on
all field/properties then maybe you should add a restriction list that you can
pass into the method to only return the decorators that you are interested in ,
like XmlElement since right now with the above patch, this will fix it for
xmlattribute but you could still have a problem with other xml decorator
attributes since the Order type is only applicable to XmlElements.

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