[Mono-bugs] [Bug 657388] Array.Resize corrupts a GZipStream.Read operation

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--- Comment #7 from Jeffrey Stedfast <jeff at xamarin.com> 2011-07-18 22:44:47 UTC ---

FWIW, Array.Resize<T>() does more-or-less the same as what your workaround code
does - allocates a new array and copies the data over.

The difference is that Buffer.BlockCopy uses a different icall
(BlockCopyInternal) than Array.Resize() which uses FastCopy(). To be honest, I
suspect your workaround might even be more efficient (BlockCopyInternal is very
simple, other than a few bounds checks, it just does memcpy() while FastCopy()
is kinda complex).

Still, you shouldn't be getting buffers which have corrupted data in them using

All I can think of is that FastCopy() is failing for some reason and
(hopefully) returning false (Array.Resize<T>() is not properly handling the
case where FastCopy() returns false).

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