[Mono-bugs] [Bug 664827] A control property's XXXIsNull property isn't set when no items are in the data source.

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Sun Jan 16 16:47:33 EST 2011



--- Comment #1 from Clinton Volzke <cvolzke at live.com.au> 2011-01-16 21:47:32 UTC ---
These changes fix the issue and causes the unit test above to pass:

Code added to Binding:
    private PropertyDescriptor control_is_null_desc;

Code added to Binding.SetControl:
    control_property = TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(control).Find
(property_name, true);
    control_is_null_desc =
TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(control).Find(property_name + "IsNull", true); //
like added

Code added to Binding.PullData:
    #if NET_2_0
        if (data == null)
            data = datasource_null_value;
        if (control_is_null_desc != null &&
(bool)control_is_null_desc.GetValue(control)) // line added
            data = datasource_null_value; // line added

Code added to Binding.SetControlValue:
    private void SetControlValue (object data)
        if (control_is_null_desc != null && // line added
            (data == null || data is DBNull || object.Equals(data,
datasource_null_value))) // line added
            control_is_null_desc.SetValue(control, true); // line added
        else // line added
            control_property.SetValue(control, data);

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